You Can Place a Wholesale Order 2 ways:

1. Browse the website normally, and see that all prices now reflect wholesale prices. This is a great way to browse new products! Add items to your cart and checkout. 

2. Use our quick order form, similar to filling out a excel spreadsheet. If you're already familiar with our items, this is a great way to add items to your cart and checkout fast.


Current Wholesale Shipping Rates are as follows:

All wholesale orders have a shipping cost of $16.00.  Free shipping on orders over $1000 or more. *Shipping prices subject to change* All packages will be shipped via USPS Priority with tracking and insurance. If you are in the Seattle area, you can pick-up your order, and avoid shipping costs. We can also ship UPS if needed, but you must contact us to request it.

What is the order or re-order minimums?
We want to keep this simple and help you get started without a huge initial investment so our minimum for Opening Orders and Reorders is the same: $300 minimum.  You may mix & match as many different items/designs/colors to reach the minimum.

When will I receive my wholesale order?
Every month, orders placed between the 1st and 15th will be printed between the 16th and 29th and shipped on the last day of the month. If that day falls on a weekend, it will ship the weekday before. For example, all orders received between March 1st – 15th will be shipped on March 29th. All orders received March 16th – April 15th will be printed April 16th- 29th, and shipped April 30th.

Wholesale Calendar

If you need products by a certain date, email us and we’ll do our best to accommodate, or feel free to inquire about the current lead time before placing an order.  All orders will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail and you’ll receive tracking information when they ship. Why does it take this long?  Our items are not sitting on a shelf in a warehouse getting dusty–you’re getting freshly printed tees! We print as orders as they come in. This allows us to keep costs down and in turn, offer a better price to you (which means more profit for you). 

Do you offer territory protection?

Brick & Mortar, Storefronts, Boutique or Antique Mall Booths: If you own a brick & mortar storefront location, or rent space in a boutique or mall, there is a limit of one seller per zip code.  *Some exceptions may be made for sellers who are carrying different lines or products in the same zip code.  We sometimes have multiple applications come in for the same zip code. You’ll have 30 days upon account approval to place an order, or the territory may be given to the next person in line and your account will revert to retail pricing. If you’re getting close to the 30-day mark and haven’t had a chance to place an order, no worries, just check in to see if anyone is waiting for that zip. Accounts considered inactive for a period of 6 months may lose exclusivity rights. Traveling Market, Trunk Show, or Website Only Sellers: No seller will have an exclusive right to sell Revival Ink© products at any one Market, Trunk Show, Gift Show, or similar venue. We have no way to control or keep track of who is selling at traveling shows, so please understand that you may see other sellers carrying some of  our products at certain shows.  PS. Please be nice to each other.   Online-only boutiques do not have zip code protection. 

Returns & Exchanges
Wholesale merchandise may not be returned or exchanged. We only accept returns or exchanges in the case of defective or incorrect merchandise.  Please inspect all shipments immediately upon arrival.  Occasionally there can be flaws in the printing or the garments themselves that we miss while printing, or maybe a wrong size or design snuck in there. If you find anything amiss, please email within 7 days of receipt of the order so we can fix it.  Note: if you happen to find an issue, such as a mis-sewn seam, or mis-labeled size after the 7 days, just let us know. We understand things like that are hard to miss and we’ll take care of it!

Can I use a coupon, or get a discount?
Some of you may also be on my VIP Club email list.  Please understand the coupons and specials shared with the VIP Club are for retail orders only. I don’t offer coupons to wholesale accounts since you’re getting such an amazing price already. If you ever want to place a less-than-minimum retail order and want to use a coupon, let me know and I can switch your account to “Retail” temporarily. I do occasionally offer specials to wholesale buyers, such as free shipping with minimum purchases, etc.  Make sure you watch for Revival Ink Wholesale emails so you don’t miss any specials, freebies, or new product announcements! 

Can I cancel, or make changes to an order I just placed?
Any cancellation requests must be emailed to within 24 hours.   We can’t make changes to your order once it’s processed. If it’s super important to change the order, or you forgot something, email us and we’ll see what we can do.  We can usually swap a different size, color, or design if the item is the same price. If it’s a major change, we usually cancel and refund the original order and have you place the order again.

Do you have a minimum resale price?
Pricing of the products to purchase to resell is up to you. We suggest the same retail that we use here on the website, but it’s not required.  A good rule of thumb is to double your investment, but some apparel retailers will mark up to 66%.  Our retail pricing is based on a midwestern US price point, however, depending on your market and location you may want to sell at a higher price point. You know your market and what it will bear better than we do, so we don’t require a minimum resale price.  Please do not remove tags or other Revival Ink©  branding from any product.  Here’s a helpful article from Bizfluent if you need help figuring out how to mark-up apparel for retail:  Bizfluent: How to Price Retail Clothing by Veronica Maier 

How much of each size should I order?
Not sure what size to breakdowns to order?  We have a handy guide you can download here and use as a guide: Size Breakdowns    
Keep in mind, if your customer base is a younger crowd, you may want to add more smaller sizes. We all put on a few pounds as we age, (bummer, I know) so if your customer base is an older crowd, you may want to add more of the larger sizes. 

Can I sell Revival Ink Shirts on my Facebook Page?
Selling on independent websites, or your business Facebook page is fine (NO Buy-In groups), just let us know your site URL when you register so we don’t mistake you for one of the boneheads who’ve stolen several of our designs.   The only caveat we have is NO selling of Revival Ink© products on Etsy, Amazon, or Ebay.  

Who can be a Revival Ink Shirts Retailer?
Wholesale pricing is available to customers that will be reselling our products to their consumers through an established retail store, boutique, or independent website.  The only caveat we have is NO selling of Revival Ink© products on Etsy, Amazon, or Ebay.  Selling on independent websites, or your business Facebook page is fine (NO Buy-In groups), just let us know your site URL when you register so we don’t mistake you for one of the boneheads who’ve stolen several of our designs.    All other platforms such as brick & mortar retail shops, gift shops, vintage markets, boutiques, Facebook groups or business pages, etc. are allowed.  Please do not remove tags or other Revival Ink©  branding from any product. Want to apply for a wholesale account? Just click here!  How can I update my address or contact info? You can update all your info from the my account page once logged in.

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