• DIY Clothing Hacks - T-Shirt Upcycle to an Empire Waist Top

    DIY Clothing Hacks - T-Shirt Upcycle to an Empire Waist Top
    Today I'll show you how to upcycle t-shirts. We'll do a DIY clothing hack to make a Men's t-shirt into a fitted women's empire waist top, all without having to sew! Let’s get crafting!  Watch the video on my Tara Monster Makes channel or follow the instructions below. It's so easy, let's do a t-shirt transformation in no time!  Items you'll need:Large Mens ShirtScissorsRulerChalk   For this tutorial, you will...
  • DIY Basic T-Shirt Weaving - 2 Ways

    DIY Basic T-Shirt Weaving - 2 Ways
    Learn how to transform your t-shirt by cutting and braiding! This DIY tutorial will show you 2 different types of weaves: basic laddering, and chain weaving. Today's video is part two of making this asymmetrical top. I'm going to show you how to take the a slashed back shirt we made in last week's video, and transform it using a technique I call weaving. It's also...
  • T Shirt Transformations

    T Shirt Transformations | Upcycling Clothes DIY | Revamping My Closet
    Learn how to make 2 new T-shirt transformations, no sewing required! This Upcycling clothes DIY tutorial will show you making Summer tops from long sleeves is easier than you think! This tutorial will show you how to make a cold shoulder top with bow sleeves and a braided sleeve top. Revamping my closet has never been more fun!
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