DIY Fashion Hacks - How to Upcycle Long Sleeve Tees into a Summer Shirt


Do you have too many long-sleeve shirts and not enough shirts for Summer? I'm going to show you how to fix that. Learn how to upcycle your long sleeve tees into a fun Summer fringe shirt.

Watch the video or follow the instructions below. It's so easy, you'll have a new shirt in no time! No sewing required.

Items you'll need:

Long sleeve shirt

For more fun ways to upcycle your tees download my free Ebook on DIY T-Shirt Hacks!

1. The first step is to mark your shirt where you want the cuts to go down, I usually like to do mine right before my bra begins. Mark it with your chalk and then we'll go to the cutting table.

2. Grab a ruler and draw a line across where the chalk mark is. Draw another horizontal line 7 inches up from the bottom of the shirt. Make sure it's nice and straight. I like to line mine up with the lines on my cutting table.

3. Now it's time to cut the bottom fringe. Cut the bottom seam off your shirt. Start 1 inch in from the sides of your shirt where its curved in the furthest. Start cutting at the bottom of the shirt and cut all the way up to your horizontal line, 7 inches from the bottom. Cut your stips 1 inch apart.

4. Now you're going to do the top. To make this easier, draw marks all the way across at the 1 inch mark. Start 2 inches in because you don't want it to go all the way to the armpit. Make the first mark, checking that the ruler is nice and straight. Then mark at every inch interval, so you'll know right where to cut. Two inches in from the end on the other side as well. Once you have the marks drawn, make lines that go all the way up to the collar.

5. Fold the shirt in half right along that first line you made. Then, make little tiny cuts all along each mark so you can get our scissors into only the top layer. As you cut the first one here, lift it so you're only cutting through the top layer. Cut right along those lines up till we get to the collar.

6. Time to do the sleeves. Start by adding some fringe to them. Cut the bottom of the sleeve seam off. Measure five inches up and make a horizontal line to cut the fringe along. Mark lines all the way up to the horizontal line with the chalk in 1 inch increments, then cut along your lines. Do the same to the other sleeve.

7. For a little bit more fun, put some diamonds down the sleeve. This will keep you a lot cooler in the Summer as well. Draw some triangles, each triangle is two inches long and about an inch in. When you open it up it'll be two inches. Measure in from this seam to make sure that they appear at the same spot on both sleeves. Start six inches down from the shoulder seam and then go in 1 inch in to make that into a two-inch-wide triangle. Starting at the top point of the triangle and drawing out. Put 1 inch in between each triangle. Mark the end, the center is 1 inch. Make 4 diamonds down the sleeve before you get to the fringe. Now that you have the marks fold the shirt in half so that you can cut both sleeves at the same time, so that your cuts match up.

8. Make sure that both sleeves are completely flat and you line up your side seams as well as the ends of the sleeves. Now, cut out your triangles. Now you have some awesome diamond sleeves, just like that!

Look at your shirt now! With fringe on the sleeves and bottom, as well as cut out diamonds, you'll be turning heads in no time.

For more fun ways to upcycle your tees download my free Ebook on DIY T-Shirt Hacks!


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