How To Make a No Sew T Shirt Scarf


This DIY handmade wardrobe craft tutorial will teach you how to make your old tees into a fancy scarf for Fall. No Sewing needed! DIY has neckwear never been so easy. Try this 5 minute fashion hack that anyone can do!


We're going to make a cute necklace out of a shirt that no longer fits. This is a Womens size small. You can make this out of any size shirt that you have lying around.

  •  1. The first step is to fold the shirt in half. This will make it a lot easier to make our cuts even.


    • 2. First cut off the bottom seam of the shirt and put it aside. Then, cut one inch wide segments going all the way across your shirt.
    Cut your shirt into 1 inch strips
    • 3. Take all of your strips and stretch them into ropes. Stretch them until they curl, this will make them into nice string ropes.


        • 4. Now I've got my strips all laid out. I like to gather up all the seams of the ropes in the same place. You can mix in some different colored ropes from other t-shirt scraps for some added flair.


          • 5. Another fun thing we can do is braid some of the ropes together. Use a binder clip to hold them together, so they are easy to braid.



            • 6. Now, we're ready to add all the braids and different ropes together. We can just tie our braided strands to our other ropes using square knots. 


            • 7. To make a rope to tie everything together with, we can use the seam that we cut off the bottom of the shirt. Cut all of the stitching right off of it, and then cut in half lengthwise. Stretch it into another rope, and use it to wrap all of your other ropes together. I like to wrap it around the spot where I gathered all the seams to cover them up.


            Look at our cute scarf! It's perfect for pairing with all of our tees. Black and green and braided and fun.

            For more cool projects, download my free DIY T-Shirt Hacks Ebook

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