How to Make a Halter Top


Upcycled T Shirt Thrift Flip | Easy DIY Fashion Hacks No Sew

Here’s a DIY tutorial on how to make a crop top from an upcycled basic t-shirt. No sewing required! I thrifted this Men's shirt for $2.00 and transformed it in minutes. Easy fashion hacks for the win!

Today I'm going to show you how I made this cute halter top. I made it out of an old t-shirt and it was a lot easier than you think! 

  1. The first step to making a halter top is to cut off the sleeves. To make sure I cut them off the same, I fold the shirt and half to do it make sure to match up your seams.cut sleeves

  2. The next step is to cut a nice v-neck. I like to fold it in half with the fold down the middle of the shirt for this. Make sure the sides match up. I like to use a ruler to make sure that I get a nice straight cut for the v-neck.

    cut v-neckvneckopen vneck

  3. To make the halter part we're just going to flip over the shirt and cut the back. Now, it's really important when you're cutting the back that you only cut through the top layer of fabric. We're not going to cut through to the bottom. I like to make a mark with my chalk. You're always going to cut right on the outside of where the seam of the neck is. Just to make sure these are somewhat even you can use a ruler, so that's five and a half inches and five and a half inches.

    cut back 1

  4. I make the first cut on both layers and then I lift it up. I'm just cutting the back and do the same with the other chalk marked side. After you cut down along your chalk marks (top fabric layer only) draw a line across the back of the shirt with your chalk. Then, cut along with that line on the top layer only as well.
     cut back

  5. Now unfold the pieces you just cut and you have ties! Just tie these around your neck for the halter look.

  6. finished halter top 


After that, I did a simple weave along the back to a kind of bring the top in a little bit and add some fun to it. I really do love the laddering that I did in the back it turned out really good. If you want to see how I did the weave on the back, I have a video on my YouTube channel on laddering and weaving. Check it out!


Thanks for joining me today for making this super cute halter top. I love my brand new halter top. I'm gonna wear it dancing as soon as I can go outside again. Yay, it is pretty cute!

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