How to Cut the Perfect V Neck Shirt Neckline


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Learn how to cut the perfect V neck shirt neckline in this DIY Shirt Tutorial. Cutting and upcycling clothes is the perfect way to make a handmade wardrobe that is unique. T-shirt transformations are easy and fun!


Today I’m going to show you how to cut the perfect v-neck out of one of your men's crewneck tops without making it too big, and also making sure that it's perfectly even. 

  • 1. For the V-neck, you want to measure how far down you want the V to go and then mark it with your chalk.

  • 2. Now we're ready to cut it. You also want to make sure to mark the center by folding it in half. Refer to the mark we made while trying the shirt on that lets us know how deep to make our V going to just draw a straight line down.

  • 3. Then draw another line going all the way from that mark up to the shoulder, make it as close as you can to where the collar starts. Then make a matching line on the other side.

  • 4. Cut through the seam first on both sides and then only cut your top layer down until you get to your fee.

  • 5. You can just flip this over and use it as a template but I kind of like going off of the lines I did as well having two ways to make sure you have a straight cut is never a bad idea. Remember just to cut the top layer.

  • 6. Now we're just going to cut right along the curve of the back and voila! You have perfect v-neck. Don't forget to stretch it out so it rolls as well.


Now we have the perfect v-neck you would have never known this was a men's shirt before.


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