How to Cut the Perfect Boat Neck Top


 DIY Upcycling Clothes

Today I'm going to show you how to cut the perfect boat neck top out of a men's crew neck tee, making sure that it fits you and it's not too big.


  1. To start the boat neck the first thing you want to do is fold your shirt in half.
  2. Mark with your chalk exactly where the middle of the shirt is.
  3. Start four fingers width away from the neck of your shirt and start cutting in a cut in at a curve until you get to your halfway chalk mark.
  4. Now fold over and line it up, this is what you'll use for the pattern for the other half.


There we have a perfectly cut boat neck! Stretch it out to roll the neck. I like this a lot better than the high neck that we used to have. I think it looks nice wide like this, but if you'd like a little bit smaller boat you can always measure in just three fingers from your original neckline instead of the four that I did.

Thanks for joining me today, I hope that you enjoyed learning how to cut the perfect boat neck top. If you gave it a try please let me know in the comments below.

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