Handmade Gifts For Friends in Quarantine


A unique fashion show of nature inspired Hoodies and T Shirts for Women. 

Send unique handmade gifts for friends in quarantine to show them that you care. Revival Ink can gift wrap and ship directly to your special someone. All items are illustrated and hand-printed in Seattle by me. Check out my silly fashion show! Whether they love nautical themes, space designs, animals, cats, or nature, I've got something they'll love. I specialize in making unique shirts for Women. In stock and ready to ship quickly. Get it gift wrapped with your own personal message.

Everything I make is super soft and comfy so it's perfect for wearing when you're stuck at home or out on a hike in nature... which I'm super glad we get to do now, yeah!

The Space Fox is one of my favorite designs from the Celestial Collection let's get a close-up on him. He is leaping through a wormhole! In art school, learned about the golden rectangle, and it's in there. It represents the Fibonacci sequence which is a repeating set of numbers found in all forms of life... from a nautilus shell to the petals on a flower to even parts of humans and animals, I think it's pretty neat!

Under this hoodie, I have one of my favorite classic shirts from the Nautical Collection, the Octopus! I think octopi are probably one of my favorite animals. They're so cool and smart. Here in Seattle we have some swimming right off of our shores! In case you didn't know that, you can google "Alki Beach Octopus Birth" and it will show an octopus in a cave shooting out all of its baby octopi 😮
When an octopus gives birth, there is lots of little tiny babies because only a few of them will survive long enough to become a full-grown octopus. How crazy is that?


This item is one of my best sellers! It's the Dandelion hoodie. It's got a cute little dandelion design going right up the side, how fun is that? I can see why it's one of my best sellers. I like to joke that it's because everyone here in Seattle just really likes gray and with this dark gray stylish hoodie it goes with all of your other clothes too.


I like to mix my outfits with a little pop of bright color as well. That's why I have the hoodie on with my Coffee Cat T-Shirt. This little kitty is too caffeinated... he's glitching out!

The reason why I call my company Revival Ink is because I am reviving the art of handmade fashion using eco-friendly water-based inks -- Revival Ink

I hope that you enjoyed my little Fashion Show today and if you'd like to check out these cool shirts -- shop at revivalink.com.

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